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Tips to Choosing the Best Guitar Amplifier

When planning to shop for a guitar amp, try to avoid buying one immediately. Though there are those where you feel that it’s the perfect one for you, you really have no assurance that you will truly be happy with your selection.

Through this article, you are going to learn the process of choosing the right guitar amplifier.

Digital or Solid Tube

Tube technology has been considered best in certain countries but the digital and solid-state amps today are capable of offering quality tone and are being sold at cheaper prices and have fewer maintenance needs. The tube tones however are considered to be the best ones for most top players.

Size Consideration

If you are living in an apartment or perhaps have a small living space, you may want to avoid getting those with high watts. The best thing that you could do is to choose an amp which is right for your application or use. If you are going to play live with a band, going for at least 30 watts would be ideal, but when you are planning for a studio, smaller amps are ideal. If you will be playing often, go with at least 15 watts of tube tone.

Sound Power

Distortion usually is generated by three sources which is from the speakers, power amp and the preamp. There are in fact many who tend to disregard power amp distortions on the selection of an amplifier, but it’s actually the power amp section which is mostly the source of a low-end chunk. You can test the power amp by turning up the master volume of it and turn this down again. Its sound needs to be lively with a little crisp.

Knob Twists

It’s that you get one where you could dial a sound that you like easily and fast. Consider adjusting every tone control and also take note how each of these interacts. If it’s just too hard to dial a good tone even when you are still in the store, there’s actually a good chance that you would end up with problems.

Comes with Added Features

Though tone and volume are considered as the most important consideration, it is important that you will determine what are some extra features that you would need. Some actually comes with built-in effects that’s definitely a no-hassle one, but these are usually not as flexible with the external effects of processors and pedals. An effect loop is useful to certain effects, but it’s not really important if the effects have some stomp boxes present. Line outputs with a speaker emulation is truly helpful when it comes to home recording and the external speakers are considered best for expanding live rigs.
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